Why give in to urban sprawl when you can utilize more of the space you already have? Calgary seems to be behind the times when it comes to using rooftops for something other than a blank, untouched space. Take advantage of the prime views and heavenly feeling by creating rooftop gardens with public access or a rooftop restaurant/cafe. Escape the busy city streets atop a tranquil, breezy rooftop with panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains. With a glass of wine in hand, even better 😉 Seems simple given so many places around the world have been doing so for years.

unused rooftops of downtown Calgary as seen atop the Calgary Tower

I recently visited New York City and it amazed me to see the valuable use of space, especially on rooftops. In the apartment building we were staying in, we had full access to the rooftop which was an exciting bonus for us since we’ve never had this living in Western Canada. When we got up there, there was no signage, warnings or caution about death or injury, it was simply up to you to keep safe. There was a small, knee height wall around the perimeter as the only safety precaution.

NYC apartment rooftop. Ahhh, what a sight! Photo: George Dimitrov Photography

To just sit and take in the city lights at night was a sight I’ll never forget. Simple pleasures.
Why can’t Calgary and other cities learn from NYC? There is more excitement to be had here…

head back, look up… Photo: George Dimitrov Photography

Photo: George Dimitrov Photography


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