Fat Burnin’ Bicycles

I love bikes! I love them so much. Freedom, fresh air and fat burnin’ benefits are the main reasons why. My goal as an urban cyclist is to encourage everyone to grab a bike and start pedaling, in whatever outfit, for any occasion, to any destination. Heck, even bring your hamster on board.

I purposely wear my everyday clothes to demonstrate to others how easy it is to bike in anything. Skirts, dresses, tights, heels. If you can wear it, you can bike in it. No fancy attire needed to bike throughout a developed city.

Heading to work? Bike. Heading to the pub for a beverage? Bike. Heading to your friends Bar Mitzvah? Oh yes, bike.

My best friend is a Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist and she states that getting some fresh air first thing in the morning serves many benefits for your health and well-being. To follow through with this fact, I make it a point to bike to work as much as I can. Not only do I get fresh air first thing in the morning, I feel awakened and rejuvenated upon arriving to work. Plus, I am biking in business attire. While living in Kelowna, I was approached by a few people while stopped at traffic lights. They were in disbelief that I was biking, to work, in a dress and heels. I was happy to chat with them about the ease of it all. One person even paparazzi-ed me. Coincidentally, that person soon became my boss as I took a new position and we had a laugh when we discovered it was I who she took a photo of.

I’m going to start taking photos of myself and others biking in our everyday clothes. Hopefully, it will trigger you to jump on a beauty yourself.

CAB_3271 Miss M-0715



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