Recently moving back to Calgary, I’m in a new position to catch up on how the city has grown and what it now has to offer since I was last living here in 2007. A friend of mine told me I should look into being a contributor for Branded Magazine, a free local publication geared towards young professionals with mostly art & culture content. So the other day I wanted to find a copy of it and do some research. Then I remembered I wanted to check out the Rosso Coffeehouse by my neighbourhood, one that I hadn’t been to yet. I walked there and was pleasantly surprised by the decor, friendly staff and atmosphere. You know that feeling when something fits? Yep, this shoe fit me.

I ordered a coffee and sat down with my book. I read a few words and then remembered that I wanted a copy of Branded Magazine. For some reason my eyes glanced directly to my left and there lay a copy of the magazine. I didn’t see it when I walked in and somehow once I thought about it, it appeared.

What is this called? I asked Mr Google and he said “Synchronicity”.


1: the quality or fact of being synchronous
2: the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality —used especially in the psychology of C. G. Jung
YES! That is it. The coincidental occurrence of an event that happens after you have a mental image of it. I have many examples of synchronicity from the past and I believe, at the time of it happening, only a positive attitude and healthy mind can attract such a phenomena.
For example, one night I was late for a meeting downtown. I planned to take the bus and for some crazy reason, the bus was EARLY and left the bus stop before I got there. 😐 Then I started to laugh. I’ve gotten good at laughing at situations like this because really, what else can you do? Even if I called a taxi, by the time it got to me and drove me downtown, I’d be late for the meeting. I hoped that somehow I could get there faster than walking. I don’t have a car and my bike wasn’t with me. But I had to walk. And laugh.
About to call the person I was meeting with to apologize that I’d be late, a friend of mine yelled out my name. I was walking past his house and he asked what I was up to. Smiling I said “Heading to a meet downtown. I’m late!”. Coincidentally HE was also heading downtown and was getting into his car. He asked if I wanted a ride. So I said no, I needed some fresh air because I was pissed.
JUST KIDDING! I jumped in and made it right on time for my meeting.
What are the chances?!

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