The Power of Podcasts

Lots of our time is spent walking, sitting and waiting. Our smartphones, tablets and laptops play a big role in keeping us entertained while we walk, sit and wait and I’ve observed that this time is instrumental to aid learning and relaxation.

Podcasts have become my daily go-to for when I walk to work, sit on a bus/train/plane, wait at the doctor’s office or go on a road trip. There are millions and zillions of free podcasts available in any subject and it is easy to download them and play without WiFi. I personally use Podcasts through iTunes and search in the iTunes Store for a specific person or topic that I want to learn more about. Right now I am brushing up on my french skills and learning about starting a business and both topics I am learning about through podcasts. Instead of watching a silly YouTube video (which, if you are in transit, will use data at some point PLUS it’ll distract you from your surroundings) or browsing Facebook, I am now listening to a valuable podcast while learning new skills, keeping a calm mind and being aware of my surroundings and actions. I can easily listen to a podcast and walk with my head up and my eyes engaged to react to what is ahead. Too often pedestrians are distracted by their phones and put not only themselves in danger but also those around them. To watch a video or read an email your eyes need to be focused on the screen, so my solution is sound only.

Listen, learn and take advantage of the power of podcasts.

My favourite podcasts are Savage Love and The Tim Ferris Show.


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