Autopilot Awareness

Do you ever assess what it is that you have been doing on “autopilot”? How you’ve been asserting your needs and desires? How you’ve been dealing with frustration? The ways we’ve learned to behave and communicate can quickly become routine without consciously being aware of it.

For improvement to happen, self reflection and awareness must be done. Set yourself up in a welcoming way so that you do the best you can to receive what you need. Your happiness isn’t dependent on other people because it starts with you. Once you understand yourself and your “autopilot” behaviours and communication methods (or lack thereof), only then can you attract more of what you need in life.

The word “autopilot” struck a chord with me recently because I found it to be truthful. Witnessing how people interact with one another has shown me that living in autopilot mode is not how I want to be. Adaptability and awareness of myself will only bring out the best of what I have to offer and positive change will continue. Growth, improvement and positive change are valuable life skills.

Don’t get caught up in plowing through life without self awareness. Life is not a hands-free exercise, it is a hands-on experiment.


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