What brings you pleasure? What makes you tick? What brings you so much joy, that you feel fulfilled and alive?

For me, many things bring me happiness that lead to me feeling fulfilled. Sure I am easy to please but I am also aware of the things that I enjoy and desire, so I seek these. I feel I have a direct path towards these things because I know what I am looking for, and I strive to position myself to receive what I not only want, but need.

Fulfillment for me is people. Strong, positive, caring, creative, intelligent, well-traveled, and genuine human beings. Fulfillment for me is gratitude. Every person has many things to be grateful for in life, whether that be their cooking skills or their loving relationships and support network. Fulfillment for me is my acknowledgement of my skills and talents. Cooking, sports, public speaking and presenting, crafting, problem-solving, adaptability, and the power to speak from my heart, stand up for what I believe in and stay true to myself. Fulfillment for me is having passions. Music, travel, adventure, water sports, dancing/aerials, tiling, writing, art, love, community and influential people. Fulfillment for me is being appreciated for who I am. I love deeply, show my emotions, share my thoughts, value other people’s expertise and experience, love to learn, care about quality not quantity, crave adventure and new experiences, and would do anything for those I love.

Fulfillment – fo͝olˈfilmənt
Satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one’s abilities or character.
The achievement of something desired, promised, or predicted.

What fulfills you? Dig deep, and learn to accept the many potential fulfilling things in life. They can turn into a reality if you want them to…

PS – This song is keeping my blood pumping at the moment.



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