The Expecting of Expectations

When you do something for someone, do you expect something in return? When you’ve worked hard, do you expect praise for your performance? When you’ve gone out of your way to secretly please someone, are you fishing for acknowledgement?

All of these expectations raise your bar so high, they are bound to fail you at some point. Probably more often than you hope.

Recently I’ve discovered how hidden expectations can shatter relationships and it is a preventable pity. If you feel enthused about doing something for someone, it shows your caring, kind character. But if you draw in your needs and focus on what you should gain, then the magic is lost. Doing selfless deeds is the most rewarding and yet, most challenging because it is hard to calm your inner self and not desire something for you, too. When you drop your expectations and just do something for someone, this I believe will bring you the most happiness. Good intentions included! It may not show right away, or tomorrow, or a month from now, but good deeds do not go unnoticed. Even if they aren’t talked about.

If you do something for someone without an expectation, only then is it considered truly selfless and will bring you fulfillment. Keep spreading your love in whatever ways possible that are genuine and speak the truth about your character, and let those deeds be completely focused on the person(s) you are directing it to. This shows your confidence in yourself, which is noticeably attractive.

The need for praise, acknowledgement or an outcome is your insecure self feeling hungry. Don’t feed it. More harm than good will breakout…

“The best moves in life are made quietly. Don’t talk about it. Just do it and let everyone else talk. Move in silence”


One thought on “The Expecting of Expectations

  1. Kris says:

    That was an insightful and brilliant read! Thank you Mya for such an important reminder. Agreed! Beautifully written 🙂 Beautiful Blog!!


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