Greener Than Grand

Chasing the theory of the “grass is greener on the other side” is usually sparked by a momentary luxury situation that is not day-to-day reality with a thirst for “I want more”. Spending a week at a beautiful casa along the beach in Mexico while sipping margaritas and sunbathing may prompt you to say “I want to move here!” but after the sun fades and the tequila bottles empty, the real cost appears. Bugs, severe tropical storms, lack of personal safety, language and cultural barriers, food borne illnesses and the cost of working and owning property in another country are all factors to consider for your new found “greener” grass.

The same applies to relationships.

Somehow, the soul of an unhappy human can take charge and fling that person into an impractical realm. When all along, they weren’t even aware of the vibrancy of the green below their feet…

Just like a Mexican casa, people can also be compared. Before you reach for your greener casa, communicate. Ask questions. Seek answers from the source, not from your thoughts. Assumptions and perceptions are game changers and usually lead you down a rabbit hole of constantly finding the “greener” grass.

Your choice. Keep searching or seek answers.


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