Passionately in…

Despite there being many emotions, a few stand out that have made the “popular” list: Sad, mad, happy, and hate. Hatred is a devastating, intense word that should come with a warning. To feel hatred is to feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone). Fierce.

Can’t say I truly hate someone and I hope not many people hate others, either. We need to learn how to reckon with our emotions and understand what we truly feel and why. What responsibility do you have toward your emotions? Take accountability for your actions, words and thoughts and ask questions. Your thoughts are merely stories that involve other people and ideas, so ask questions. And definitely don’t make any assumptions. Figure out if you are in fact feeling sad, mad, happy or hate, or something else. Then do something about it.

The closest I’ve come to feeling “hate” is when I feel cheated or misunderstood. If someone takes advantage of me or believes their assumptions about me (or them), then I can get sour. Emotional. It’s taken a while for me to realize just how emotional I am, and actually, how every human is. It can be devastating for me to see people react quickly to their emotions instead of investigating first. I see it everyday and I believe the more we work together, the less it’ll happen…

Be passionately in love, not hate.


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