Reset and Realize

“I can learn a lot about someone by what they choose to see in me”
~Mark Groves, Create The Love

Consistency is a strange concept to me and one that hasn’t been easy to achieve. If I’m nervous or feeling less confident, I’ll act outside of my human makeup. My speech, body language and overall presence can drastically change and I don’t recognize myself. Since June 2016 I’ve been battling my identity and my self-confidence took a real hit. I hit the reset button on my life and in a year and a half, I moved to a new city (from another country and province), got rid of 75% of my belongings, started a business, got a new job and was accepted into a dance training program.

The reset button has taught me who I want to be around. Those that know my identity regardless of my temporary and intermittent ill-fitted reactions. My sarcastic, bubbly and fun-loving self that doesn’t take things too seriously but has a constant need to learn and grow.

Slowly, I’m getting back to myself and in this process I’ve discovered who I want to spend my time with and those I don’t. I’ll admit, there have been some that I wished I had more time with but I’ve come to realize that anything forced or that requires an overload of work, is not meant to be.

I’d rather have a handful of solid companions than a sea of mediocre acquaintances.

And there ain’t no time to convince people of your colours.

On ward.IMG_0098



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