Ditch the Script

The amount of conversations I’ve been a part of has led me to value those who speak their own words. Who turn words into their own language and communicate in a way that is┬ámemorable, while meaningful.

The word “script” is a dirty word in my eyes and its purpose should vanish. There are so many ways to describe an object, person, place, or thing, so why do we want to tell the same story as the person before us just did? What strikes us to speak in a way already spoken?

Initiating a mundane conversation about the weather and using obvious words that describe the current situation, is a waste of your originality. Be bold. Think big. Be confident in your speech. Don’t be afraid to show character because this, is what people respond to best. Your use of words should be as original as your style, your thoughts and your imagination.

Make art with your words because we already have enough fluff to sort through.